“ à mon seul désir ”

Costières de Nîmes
Appellation d’origine contrôlée


Very expressive wine, floral (violet, iris) and blackberry liqueur aromas. Pleasant mouth tigh and dense. Exquisite!

Silver medal at the 2015 Brussels World Competition (2014 vintage sold out)


70% syrah, 25% grenache, 5% mourvèdre.


Pebbly terrain. These pebbles are particulary good at radiating the warmth built up during the day back to the vines.

They play a part in getting the grapes perfectly ripe. The exceptional draining capacity of these pebbles also allows any surplus water to quickly drain away during heavy spells of rain, which prevents certain diseases from developing.

The vines are trellised as double cordon; the bunches are spread out and get better aeration and direct sun exposure.


Mechanical and manual harvest. Based on three different Syrahs: optimal ripeness, classic syrah and carbonic maceration.

Carbonic maceration is only used for red wines, as an aroma enhancer. It’s a winemaking technique using intracellular fermentation. The grapes must be hand-picked to remain perfectly intact and not split. They are then placed whole, without stemming and crushing into a vat saturated with carbon dioxide gas. Fermentation takes place inside the grape cells which causes complex changes in their composition.


Boxes 6x75cl bottles or 6×150 cl bottles



About the wine
Carbonic maceration only concerns red wines, it is an aroma enhancer. It is a method of vinification by intracellular fermentation at high temperature: the grapes are harvested by hand and placed whole, not destemmed and not crushed in a tank saturated with carbon dioxide. Fermentation occurs directly inside the cells, which leads to complex changes in their composition.
They talk about it…

“Garnet color with ruby ​​reflections, an exquisitely fresh nose, scrubland: rosemary, lavender; when aired, is it its environment (?) the black olive appears, notes of truffle even! The mouth is of surprising tension, juicy gluttony; aromas of forest mara, raspberry, but also camphor, licorice, eucalyptus … A beautiful complexity serving elegant texture and a silky touch. A serious wine! “

Jéremie Léone, sommelier, Hôtel de l’Europe Avignon.