“ à la douceur d’aller ”

Côtes du Rhône Villages
Appellation d’origine contrôlée


Notes of sour cherry and blackberry liqueur, black pepper with an elegant oak. Smooth, without any heaviness. Dark tobacco finish.



85% syrah, 15% grenache.


Pebbly terrain with clay-limestone subsoil.

The vines are trellised as double cordon; the bunches are spread out and get better aeration and direct sun exposure.


Harvesting is done mainly by hand with the grapes being placed in wooden crates an then transferred in whole bunches to a vat.

The grape harvest takes place during the day to ensure that fermention begins while warm.

Warm post-fermentation maceration helps boost the extraction of colours and aromas while softening tannins. Some of the wine is then aged in large 600 litres oak barrel for 10 months to gain in complexity while limiting the woody notes.

The rest of the wine is aged in vats.


Boxes 6 x 75cl bottles



About the wine
The oak barrel (demi-muid) which we use is manufactured in the Vosges. Made of French oak, it contains 600 litres of wine. We chose a high capacity barrel to obtain subtil woody aromas, lighter than a small contenant.