“ à la rêverie ”

Côtes du Rhône
Appelation d’Origine Contrôlée


Elegant floral bouquet (lily and Williams pear aromas) and subtly woody.

2016 (sold out)

Gold medal at the Feminalise vintage competition


Roussane, grenache blanc


Pebbly terrain. These pebbles are particulary good at radiating the warmth built up during the day back to the vines.

They play a part in getting the grapes perfectly ripe. The exceptional draining capacity of these pebbles also allows any surplus water to quickly drain away during heavy spells of rain, which prevents certain diseases from developing.

The vines are trellised as double cordon; the bunches are spread out and get better aeration and direct sun exposure.


Harvest take place in the early hours. Temperature controlled fermentation in stainless tanks. The Roussanne is stirred with the fine lees for about ten days to add extra complexity.


Boxes 6 x 75cl bottles



About the appellation

Côtes du Rhône

White Côtes du Rhône are uncommon and rare wines, that represent only 5% of the wine production of the whole of the Rhône Valley.
They talk about it…
“A charming visual: clear, golden, crystalline dress; nose both fresh and southerly, floral without being heady, rich but delicate, a touch of minerality. Mouth Fresh, homogeneous, acacia flower, notes of honey, hawthorn, broom; nice volume. A finely iodized southern wine on the finish, remarkable purity… ”

Jéremie Léone, sommelier, Hôtel de l’Europe Avignon.