“ Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le hasard ”

Côtes du Rhône – Natural and vegan wine
Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée


Deep dark colour. Expressive wine with blackcurrant cream and violet aromas. The mouth is round and fresh, with a tight finish.



80% syrah, 20% carignan


Pebbly terrain. These pebbles are particulary good at radiating the warmth built up during the day back to the vines.

They play a part in getting the grapes perfectly ripe. The exceptional draining capacity of these pebbles also allows any surplus water to quickly drain away during heavy spells of rain, which prevents certain diseases from developing.

The vines are trellised as double cordon; the bunches are spread out and get better aeration and direct sun exposure.


Temperature controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks without sulphites. The wine is kept using a large amount of CO2 to preserve its aromatic qualities. For the same reason, it is bottled early on in the season.




Boxes 6 x 75cl bottles

About natural wines
A wine is considered « natural » when made of organic grapes, fermented with indigenous yeasts, without adding any oenological input to expedite the settling of the wine and without adding sulphites.
They talk about it…
“Intense, deep and shiny color, here too freshness predominates on the nose… Black fruit, licorice stick. In the mouth the extraction is precise, subtle. Frank, straightforward, an amazing natural wine, without any deviance. Nice tangy, but structured length, a full and digestible wine. “

Jéremie Léone, sommelier, Hôtel de l’Europe Avignon.